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Sway for customers

Why you should pay with Sway
instead of cards

Help small businesses by paying with Sway

Did you know that £48 billion per year is spent on card fees? The average card transaction fee in the UK is 1.7%, and small businesses are the most affected by it. Pay with Sway so they don’t have to pay transaction fees.

Enjoy payment safety like never before

Over £1 billion is lost every year to card payment fraud. Small merchants and consumers are the most affected. When you pay with Sway we require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which means it reduces fraud risk by 99% when compared to cards. It’s the safest way to pay.

Bank transfers

As you’re paying through a bank transfer, your bank is responsible for handling the money movement, not us.

Fraud risk reduced by 99%

When you pay with Sway you can rest assured that only the payment amount will leave your account, nothing more.

How Sway payments
work for consumers

Pick up your phone and scan the QR code

You don’t need a special app — just open your phone camera and point it at the QR code.

Select your bank

Choose which bank you want to pay from. We cover all major consumer banks in the UK.


Simply authenticate your bank credentials. This will be Face ID, fingerprint or pin code.


Once you confirm the payment, you’ll see a confirmation, indicating the money has arrived in the merchant’s bank account.

Saving the world one receipt at a time

More than 11 billion paper receipts are printed in the UK every year — that means more than 200,000 trees are cut down and 1.6 million litres of water is wasted. The answer? Digital receipts.

Fully digital

The times of piling up receipts in your wallet are over. Customers can leave their email after paying to receive a digital receipt.

Save 200k trees per year

Save trees, water and over 10.6 tones of paper waste per year with digital receipts. Read more here.

Start now and join the change in payments

We're changing how businesses get paid by ditching fixed transaction fees altogether. Start your 7-day trial today.