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Forget everything you know about taking payments

Instant settlement. No cards involved. No transaction fees.

Start your free 14-day trial

Easy setup

Get started in under 2 minutes

No contracts

Use as much (or little) as you need

Just your phone

No extra hardware needed

We created Sway to upgrade in-person payments

For too long, small businesses have been at the mercy of card companies. The only alternatives to date were cash and manual bank transfers. It’s time for a new, easy & digital way of getting paid to change payments forever.

Your phone as a payment terminal.

Download the Sway merchant app and connect your bank. With the touch of a button you will generate a unique transaction QR code to get paid by your customers.


The times of piling up receipts in your wallet are over. Customers can leave their email after paying to receive a digital receipt.

Lower your fraud risk

Fraud risk reduced by 99% through Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Your sales to your bank. Instantly.

We believe you should be in charge of your money, so we don’t hold it. Money arrives into your bank account in less than 10 seconds after your customer has paid.

Instant transfers

Account to account payments arrive instantly thanks to the Faster Payment Network.

You're in control

Access your funds as usual in your bank account app. We're only here to make your life easier where needed.

No app needed to make a payment

Your customers don't need to install an app to pay you. They scan the QR code you generated and pay with the comfort of their own bank. See how Sway works and try the customer experience.

Saving the world
one receipt at a time

More than 11 billion paper receipts are printed every year in the UK

That means 200k trees were cut down and 1.6 million litres of water wasted.

Make receipts fully digital

The times of piling up receipts in your wallet are over. Customers can leave their email after paying to receive a digital receipt.

Help save 200k trees per year

Save trees, water and over 10,640 tones of paper waste per year with digital receipts. Read more here.

In need of more than just payments?

Payments are a basic need for every business, and for too long card companies have profited from that. We believe you should pay to get more, not the same. Upgrade your plan to get access to new features that will help your business grow.

How much you can save by using Sway?

The average merchant in the UK spends £350 per month on card transaction fees. That is £4200 a year!

Potential monthly savings


Card transaction fee


Average monthly revenue


Start now and join the change in payments

We're changing how businesses get paid by ditching fixed transaction fees altogether. Start your 14-day trial today.