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6-months of unlimited transactions for free

Turn your phone into a payment terminal and stop giving a piece of your revenue to card companies. Sign up and contact us with the code "STOP-CARD-PAYMENTS" to get 6-months fore free.

It takes less than 2-minutes

Easy setup

Get started in under 2 minutes

No contracts

Use as much (or little) as you need

Just your phone

No extra hardware needed

Taking card payments comes with a cost

Every year, £48 billion+ is wasted on card transaction fees – and that’s Europe alone. And the problem doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We created Sway for merchants to be less dependent on cards, have an instant settlement, and lower the cost of accepting payments.

How Sway payments
work for consumers

Pick up your phone and scan the QR code

You don’t need a special app — just open your phone camera and point it at the QR code.

Select your bank

Choose which bank you want to pay from. We cover all major consumer banks in the UK.


Simply authenticate your bank credentials. This will be Face ID, fingerprint or pin code.


Once you confirm the payment, you’ll see a confirmation, indicating the money has arrived in the merchant’s bank account.

How much you can save by using Sway?

The average merchant in the UK spends £350 per month on card transaction fees. That is £4200 a year!

Potential monthly savings


Card transaction fee


Average monthly revenue


Accept in-person payments for free

Turn your phone into a payment terminal and let your customers pay instantly with their own bank.

Accept your first payment in 2 minutes

Pay by Bank as a better alternative to cards

Faster payments, allow the financial industry to move forward. We make it extremely easy for you to ditch cards and get paid without hidden fees.

Payment upgrade

It was long overdue and now we make payments interesting for you and your customers.

Lower your fraud risk

Fraud risk reduced by 99% through Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Start now and join the change in payments

We're changing how businesses get paid by ditching fixed transaction fees altogether. Start your 7-day trial today.